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Sharpshot Photography


It's a timeworn adage: a picture is worth a thousand words.


But in news speak, a picture is worth a few columns of valuable real estate, and if it's a good photo, can grab editors hook, line and sinker. So if you're having an event, launching a new service or product, making a donation, giving back to the community, or speaking in front of an audience, why wouldn't you want a great photo to include in your press outreach?


A compelling, professional photo can:

Sample Photos


Articles with images also get VIEWED MORE and SHARED MORE on social media, and editors know this. Additionally, search engines score content with images higher than text-only.


Now, Swordfish Communications has got you covered. We'll send a professional photographer out to take the shots that will paint your business or event in its best, most interesting light. Whether we use the resulting photos to complement the publicity we're already doing for you, or you want to send them out yourself, YOU own the photos, and can use them for your website, social media channels or even advertising.



So add professional photography to your marketing repertoire for as little as $199. Together with our other new service, Journalists by the Dozen, Sharpshot Photography by Swordfish can help you get the press attention you deserve.