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When Exercise and Diet Fail, Hormone Imbalance May Be to Blame

BeBalanced, Which Just Opened in Blue Bell, Helped an Over-Stressed Navy Veteran Chart a Course to Better Health


WHITPAIN TOWNSHIP, Pa., May 3, 2016 – For Alice Goodson, a retired Navy officer currently living in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, post-military life was proving difficult. In menopause, and despite adhering to a daily regimen that had always kept her in shape, she struggled with weight gain, night sweats, and anxiety, particularly when it came to traffic and crossing bridges.

“I wasn’t sleeping properly, I was stressed, and I shut myself off to driving long distances, not to mention the weight I put on,” Goodson says. “I had to sail straight again, and simply dieting wasn’t going to solve the problems I was dealing with.”

Goodson read about hormone imbalances and the effect they can have on women dealing with stress in their lives, and thought that might be at the root of her issues. An oversupply of estrogen, and an undersupply of progesterone, she learned, can cause the symptoms she was experiencing, particularly poor sleep and weight gain, and particularly in menopausal women. She determined she needed to get these hormones in check, and commit herself to a routine of relaxation as much as adhering to a sensible diet.

That’s when she learned of BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers, a young franchise company that coaches clients on balancing those key hormones. Along with consultation, BeBalanced provided Goodson with organic supplements and even skin creams to aid the process, and offered advice for eating smart and how to meditate. The newest BeBalanced Center opened in the Blue Bell section of Whitpain Township, Pennsylvania, in October.

“It sounds funny, but even with a careful diet and exercise, you won’t lose weight if your hormones are imbalanced, says Mary Guarino, head counselor at BeBalanced-Blue Bell. “Women like Alice who multi-tasking and are taking care of others are susceptible to this, particularly if they don’t have her rigorous exercise routine or come in contact with environmental toxins.”

The stress in our daily lives, she notes, robs our bodies of our progesterone stores in order to create the hormone cortisol, which helps us deal with that stress. But reducing progesterone leads to “estrogen dominance,” and because progesterone is a fat burner, diuretic and aids in soothing mood and aiding sleep as well as calming all PMS and menopausal symptoms, the result will invariably be weight gain and other negative effects such as insomnia, fluid retention, mood swings and anxiety.

“Being in balance can deliver many health benefits beyond weight loss, such as better sleep pattern, reduced hot flashes, reduced anxiety, more energy, and higher libido,” Guarino adds.

For Goodson, charting a new course proved highly effective in bringing her back to an even keel.

“I went from someone who averaged six hours of sleep a night to up to eight good hours a night, and the night sweats subsided,” she says. “Weight came off. More importantly, I feel very much aware of and empowered by everything I put in my body.”

BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers-Blue Bell offers education, support, and a variety of supplements, skin creams and stress-relieving therapies to help clients get in proper hormone balance. It offers free consultations anytime by appointment, and walk-in informational seminars every Tuesday at 7 p.m. It is located at 708 DeKalb Pike, Blue Bell, Penn. For more information, call 610-239-8888, or visit www.bebalancedcenters.com/locations/blue-bell/.


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