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Scottsdale Gym Seeks to Disrupt the Fitness Market
FieldFit Offers One-on-Some Personal Training, under Former Pro Athletes


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 6, 2016 – There’s a shake-up occurring in fitness training, with its epicenter in a shopping plaza in Scottsdale. And like the shock waves emanating from a seismic shift, says the owner of FieldFit Gym, it will radiate well beyond the immediate area.

FieldFit, which opened in January of 2015, has been innovating a concept it calls One-on-Some™ Personal Training, giving members the attention of a one-on-one personal trainer but in a group setting and at a much more affordable price. And those trainers? Each is a former professional athlete, another distinguishing factor and an inviolable policy of owner and head trainer Ryan Buch and gym manager Drew Beuerlein, themselves former pro baseball players.

“With One-on-Some Personal Training, you benefit from personalized fitness training in a group setting, with a customized workout for every member at every visit with no class times,” says Buch. “This is a radical shift from the traditional gym experience under the supervision of a trainer. Usually, you’re either in a class or group doing exactly the same thing as everyone else, or you’re getting one-on-one personal training and paying big money for it.”

Most gyms focus on one type of training, like High Intensity Interval Training, circuit training, strength training or cardio training, yet a big reason people stop working out is boredom with the routine. One-on-Some Personal Training was designed to provide a customized experience for every member, Buch notes.

“Members choose whatever workout they want and change things up when they want to make their workouts better and more fun. It truly is a personalized experience,” he says. Because they are under the guidance of former pro athletes, members benefit from fitness training developed by top team physiologists and training staff, and honed by the athletes themselves. But make no mistake: the workouts are not just for athletes and weekend warriors; they are for designed for everyone. Indeed, despite its effectiveness, the regimen’s goal is to prevent injuries, during the workout itself and in daily life.

Buch and Beuerlein foresee One-on-Some Personal Training expanding beyond Scottsdale, through possible future franchise locations and, eventually, other competitors joining in and building this new market segment.

“We wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before, that will benefit our clients in terms of both physical training and cost effectiveness,” Buch says. “But if we can disrupt the fitness industry by doing it, that’s even better.”

To learn more about FieldFit or One-on-Some Personal Training, visit www.fieldfitgym.com or call 623-218-7181.


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