Journalists by the Dozen

Journalists by the Dozen


Journalists by the DozenNow Swordfish Communications can deliver top reporters right to your inbox!


The key to public relations is relationship building. Contacting reporters with news, tips, or just to introduce yourself and let them know you're there to help can go a long way to keeping you and your organization front-of-mind.


Want to suggest your company to a national or local TV show for a possible feature? Have news you want to get in front of the writer covering your industry at the newspaper? Would you like to let USA Today or Family Circle know about your cool new product? Or do you simply want to keep the trade journals in the loop about your activities?


Just "pick a dozen" media outlets you want to reach, and we'll provide complete contact information for the most appropriate writers, editors, producers, or bloggers. Or, you can specify journalists by name. We'll send you each reporter's phone number, fax number, e-mail address, snail mail address and Twitter handle, if applicable, within two business days. If we can't find them, we'll get you someone very close.


Journalists by the Dozen is just $49. The relationships you create, priceless.

Simply complete the form below, or e-mail your desired list of outlets or reporters to, then pay via PayPal.


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